First Release: November 04, 2008
Updated: January 8, 2019
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It’s no big secret that almost every single 3-wide pixel font looks exactly the same, but I did my best to set mousetrap apart by 1) making it one pixel taller than strictly necessary, and 2) using the 3-wide restriction as a guide rather than an unbreakable rule.

Mousetrap is about as legible as you can get (for this size), and even if it’s not the most groundbreaking font out there: at least it now has accented characters as part of the (almost) 10th anniversary update!

Update Details: mousetrap – 2019 Update, mousetrap – 2018 Update
Design Details: Blast from the past

You are free to use this font for personal or commercial projects as long as you give credit.

Creative Commons License
Licensed under CC BY 4.0