mousetrap – 2018 Update

Large update to a tiny font!

For the most part the update was to add lots (around 240) of accented characters, but there were a few changes…


Uppercase M & N: Both of these were frankly awful. Really clashed with the rest of the characters bigtime. For the M I made it more like the lowercase version, which is how it should have always been–for the N I did the same thing. I’ve hated the uppercase M since the font was first created, which is why the name is in lowercase–glad to finally clean up this mistake of a character.

Ampersand: It was a struggle to make this cohesive with the rest of the font, but at least it actually looks like an ampersand now, as opposed to an uppercase B with problems.

Dollar sign: Along with the parentheses, square brackets and curly brackets (not pictured), the dollar sign is now sized more appropriately.

Percent sign: I think back when I first created this font I was afraid of 1) making individual characters too wide, and 2) making individual characters too round. With a bit of distance, this doesn’t bother me anymore!

Question mark: Why did I leave a pixel off… yeesh…


All in all, not too many changes in comparison to other fonts I’m sprucing up. Pretty satisfied with this update!

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