Blast from the past

This past July I went to visit my parents for my birthday. That house still contains a lot of my belongings–mainly my extensive manga library and figurine collection, but also all my old notebooks, sketchbooks, paintings, drawings, prints, art supplies, etc.

It’s a good thing I’m a 100% digital artist now, since there’s no way any of that would fit in my apartment!

Anyway, while searching around for a notepad to take some notes on, I found an old Alvin graph paper notepad from college. A cursory flip-through revealed that it still had plenty of blank pages available. It wasn’t until I got back home to my apartment that I realized…

This was the notebook I originally tried to design mousetrap in!

lowercase a through n
lowercase o through z

Yup, insane as it may seem, my first draft for mousetrap was made in pencil on paper! And yes, originally mousetrap was going to be a super-tiny serif font.

Once I was at a computer and testing out the design, I quickly realized why there aren’t any super-tiny serif fonts: it’s because they look horrible! I split my original concept into two separate fonts: mousetrap (super-tiny) and Pixolde (serifs).

In the end, the design from this early sketch didn’t make it very far, but it’s still a real trip to find a 10+ year old notebook like this! Perhaps I’ll do something with the other designs I had in here.

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