What is this?

Font End Dev is a site cataloguing all of the pixel fonts I’ve created. The name Font End Dev is a play on the term “front-end dev” (or “front-end developer”), referring to a person that designs/develops the user-facing parts of a project.

Who are you?

Just a pixel font enthusiast.

Can I use these fonts commercially?

Yup! All fonts I release are licensed under CC BY 4.0, which means you are free to do with them what you want as long as you give appropriate credit. For example, if you are using the fonts in a game, you would include “{Font name} from fontenddev.com” (or something similar) in your credits.

Why are these all pixel fonts? Do you make non-pixel fonts?

I find that pixel font design includes a lot of built-in restrictions that are fun to work with/work around. I’ve designed non-pixel fonts in the past but I don’t currently plan on creating more in the future, or releasing any.

Why are you releasing these fonts for free? Is there some kind of catch?

I enjoy making them, but there’s no point in creating an exclusive collection of pixel fonts for no one to use. I want people to be able to make good use of them! (If you use one of my fonts in your project, let me know. I’d love to see!)

How can I support your work?

You can donate to my Ko-fi if you’d like to support the creation of more fonts. Right now everything related to creating & releasing these fonts is out of pocket (hosting costs, time spent, etc) so it’s very appreciated.

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