mousetrap – 2019 Update

I took a little time off for the holidays, but I’m back with an update to–wait, didn’t we already go through this?

That’s right, even though I just updated mousetrap last August (about half a year ago), I recently made a few more changes/improvements, the largest of which is: an alternate style!

From the beginning, mousetrap was designed with slightly-strange proportions, to make it stand out from similarly small fonts. The capitals were (and are) one pixel taller than strictly necessary–actually, one pixel taller than even the tallest lowercase letters. Due to the overall size of the font, this single pixel goes a long way in making the uppercase seem especially tall & slim, even though it’s the same width as the lowercase.

Looking back, though, I realize that maybe the strangely-tall look isn’t what everyone needs… so today I’m introducing mousetrap2, a second style with capitals one pixel shorter! The lowercase remains the same between the two styles, but the shorter uppercase (and numbers) give things a much different feel.

While creating the secondary style, I also went through to add a few more accented characters, a few more pieces of punctuation, and tweaked the line height slightly.

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