Lychee Soda – New font!

Coming clean here: when I started creating/releasing fonts this summer, I really was hoping to maintain a fairly steady release schedule. I managed it for a few months, but Inktober ended up eating up almost all of my free time in October and I completely failed to get much done font-wise. Oops!

Lychee Soda is a font that I actually started working on back in August, but I kept 1) getting more inspired by other font ideas, and 2) being dissatisfied with various letters every time I came back to work on it, resulting in me redoing letters over and over again. The design process may not have gone as smoothly as many of my other fonts, but I’m happy with the final result!

Like the rest of the Fruit Soda fonts (Kiwi Soda, Grape Soda, Pear Soda), Lychee Soda is a slightly chunky, slightly funky, bouncy & informal font. This time I went for a “no descenders + all letters are the same height” design. Now that it’s done I’m getting a bit of a Coolvetica vibe, even though it doesn’t really look like Coolvetica at all. (I admit, I’m a big fan of Coolvetica!)

This time, the font’s namesake is the lychee, which is alternatively spelled litchi (I’m sure you can tell which spelling I prefer). This is a tropical fruit with delicate, sweet-tasting flesh and a big ol’ pit that is unfortunately not super fun to accidentally gnaw on. Fresh lychee aren’t common to come by here in America, and there aren’t really any fruit like lychee I can compare them to. The closest things I can think of are rambutan and mangosteen, which I think even fewer westerners are familiar with! The range of fruits you can get in America is kinda disappointing, sometimes!

This is the fourth fruit soda font… can you believe it? I swear, I don’t really like soda.

4 thoughts on “Lychee Soda – New font!”

  1. I came across your fonts on I was inspired to look for some pixel fonts because I’m working on a personal project and want to honor the defunct from the early 2000’s.

    Holy moly this is nice work. I want to use them all! Funky stuff! Blackletter stuff! Scrolly stuff! Western stuff! Holy pants.

    Thanks for sharing your art.

    • Hi Daniel, and thanks! Use as many fonts as you want 🙂 I wouldn’t mind seeing your finished work if you don’t mind sharing–I love pixel art! (I’ve been thinking of working on some of my own as well, once I’ve finished a few more fonts I’m still in progress on)

      • I’m redesigning my web site/blog and want to build in some of these design cues. I’d for sure let you know if and when I use your fonts. I’m going to be doing lots of data analysis stuff but most of that’s so droll and it doesn’t need to be that way. So, yeah, together with your fine work, maybe I’ll toy with doing some of it with pixel art.

        If you’re so inclined, check out this Tumblr of a pixel artist. Their work is fabulous. (I’m not affiliated in any way.)


        • First: best of luck with your redesign! Second: thanks for the recommendation, that is some gorgeous pixel art indeed! I’ve bookmarked to check back, so inspiring.

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