Kiwi Soda

First Prototype: July 18, 2018 (As “Groove”)
First Release:
August 04, 2018
Updated: August 08, 2018
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Kiwi Soda was inspired by the logo for the (mostly discontinued) 90’s fruit-flavored classic: Fruitopia!

Note: This isn’t a direct copy by any means (just type out “fruitopia” and you’ll see all of the letters are quite different) but I used the bouncy, kinda-kooky, graffiti-adjacent, super-hippy-dippy exuberance of the original logo to inspire a full alphabet.

I think this font used normally (mixed-case) would make a great choice for a lighthearted game, but in all caps it has enough similarity to sumi-e lettering that it can work for something samurai related. If you use this font in a game, I’d love to see it!

Release Details: Kiwi Soda – New font!

You are free to use this font for personal or commercial projects as long as you give credit.

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