First Release: November 04, 2008
Updated: August 08, 2018
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Pixolde is a font designed with typewriter aesthetics in mind. The original intent was to create a monospace pixel font, and although that did not carry into the final version, most characters are relatively similar in width.

I wanted Pixolde to be very legible, with a large x-height and round, open counters (and I think this was successful). My favorite character is probably the distinctive uppercase Q.

In advance of the 10-year anniversary of Pixolde’s release, many of the upper- and lowercase characters were reworked to work better together overall, and around 240 additional characters were added, including punctuation, math symbols, and accented characters. For the first time ever I also designed an italic and bold version. All in all, that’s around 1000 characters in the font family. That’s a lot of pixels!

Update Details: Pixolde – 2018 Update
Design Details: Blast from the past

You are free to use this font for personal or commercial projects as long as you give credit.

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Licensed under CC BY 4.0