Neutrino – New font!

Been a while since my last font release, oops! I’ve been focusing on illustration for the past few weeks, so although I’ve actually been done with this one for a while, I haven’t had the time to finalize things.

While in the process of updating/creating a second version of Mousetrap and then designing Poco right after, I got to thinking… both of those fonts ended up being 5px tall, with a 4px x-height. What if I tried making something 4px tall, with a 3px x-height?

Turns out, it’s just about possible! I also decided to go the extra mile and make this a monospace font, so not only is everything small, it also has a nice, even feel to the spacing.

What’s next, a 3px tall/2px x-height font? … Nah.

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