St26k – New font!

I went to school in NYC for several years (Brooklyn, specifically) and you know what you see a lot of in NYC? Graffiti. Tons of it. Buildings and signs, windows and posters, subway walls and subway cars, temporary walls and fences–all prime targets for graffiti!

There are plenty of gorgeous legal graffiti murals, as well as gorgeous illegal graffiti murals, but the thing you’ll see most often are tags. Little signatures, stylized names scrawled quickly in corners to avoid being caught.

Today’s new font is inspired by your typical graffiti, quick and messy. Honestly, of all the fonts I’ve created, this is probably the least practical/useful–especially in comparison to my last few more utilitarian releases. But hey, it was fun to put together!

St26k doesn’t mean anything, by the way. I just wanted something short & unique, like a real tag.

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