Five By Five – New font!

Most every font I’ve released is a pixel-interpretation of another style of font or handwriting, but pixel fonts themselves have a distinct “style” all their own! I last created a super-“traditional” pixelfont in 2008 with mousetrap (updated 2018) but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for me to revisit the concept!

Five By Five is designed to be monospace and unicase, two features shared by many early pixel fonts.

As the name implies, Five By Five is based on a 5×5 pixel grid. The only time that any glyph extends outside this 5×5 square is to account for accents, but only vertically. No character extends past 5 pixels horizontally–this is a monospace font, after all!

I know that being unicase limits its usefulness, but if you’re looking for a traditionally retro monospace pixel font with a small footprint, decent legibility and accented character support, well… have fun!

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