Grape Soda – New font!

One day while I was in 3rd grade or so I forgot my snack at home. Left without something to eat at snacktime, my teacher kindly offered me a large tupperware full of grapes. At the end of snacktime (about 20 minutes?) I’d eaten the whole thing. Like… a pound of grapes. Needless to say, I really like grapes!

At the same time, around that age (7 or so?) I was a pretty sickly kid. I constantly had a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing all the time, just generally having a bad time at all times. As a result, my parents would give me a spoonful of Dimetapp every single night before bed so I’d be able to breathe well enough to fall asleep. If you’re not aware, Dimetapp has a very, very strong artificial grape flavor. Needless to say, I absolutely cannot stand grape-flavored anything.

Grape Soda, along with being the 2nd in what’s now going to be a series of “(fruit) Soda” fonts (the first being Kiwi Soda) and is named after my love-hate relationship with grapes and artificial grape flavors!

This font is very much a handwritten/calligraphic font (like Kiwi Soda), but with a very different personality. Where Kiwi Soda is tall, spindly and sprawling, with a varied line-weight that imitates brush strokes; Grape Soda is compact and squat, with lines that are fairly even in thickness. 

What both fonts have, however, is an all-around bounciness that comes from the random tilt of each character and and a very loose adherence to height & x-height. They’re both a lot of fun!

Fun fact: I’m already finalizing details on two more fonts in the Soda series!

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