Cyborg Sister – New font!

Ever see some handwriting and think it looks girly? Strange how handwriting never looks manly, huh?

Well, this isn’t really the time to get into it. Cyborg Sister is a new font based on the concept of making a nice clean font with a bit of girly style. I wanted to emulate the cute, rounded letterforms that are the hallmark of “girly” handwriting (especially middle school/junior high).

Originally the working title for my files was “LilSis” which was short for “Little Sister Cyborg.” My concept was something that looks like the neat handwriting of a sister (that it also a cyborg). Unfortunately I realized that 1) That’s a pretty long name for a font, and 2) I’d have created a font starting with the word “Litter” and then another starting with the word “Little.” In the end I shorted it to “Cyborg Sister” which sums things up nicely.

As the name implies, The font on a whole seems fairly standard, but the design of the lowercase w & x, along with the majority of the uppercase characters, gives it a softer more handwritten feel.

I’m actually very pleased with how this one turned out–I think it has a great deal of character for what could be an otherwise normal sans-serif! Cyborg Sister may not be as eye-catching as other fonts, but I think its warmth and charm set it apart. I can see this font working in a lot of different situations, so I hope you find it useful!


In other news, I got pretty sick on Friday. I was hoping to be further along on several fonts I was working on, but took a break to throw up a bunch. Bummer!

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