Kiwi Soda – New font!

Back when I was in middle school, I was in a funny sort of school district–the district had multiple (like 4?) small elementary schools, one “upper” elementary school (pretty much just 5th grade), then two middle schools and two high schools. Kids throughout the district were distributed among the schools with seeming wild abandon.

The only thing you could really count on was this: if you went to the old middle school (aka the one that was built first), you would end up at the new high school, and vice-versa.

I ended up at the old middle school. Kids at the new middle school would always brag about how much better their gym was, their grounds, their cafeteria with a wide variety of vending machines… not that I cared. Let’s face it: middle school doesn’t really matter in the long run. I’d rather be at the old middle school if it means better facilities in high school, which kinda¬†does matter. Anyway, we may not have had as many vending machines, but we had at least one: a Fruitopia machine!


Even back in middle school I really dug the Fruitopia logo. It’s wild, it’s wacky, it’s super hippy-dippy, and I loved it! I actually remember taking my sketchbook and painstakingly drawing out the logo, as well as penciling out what a whole character set would look like. (No idea where those old notebooks are anymore, unfortunately).

Cleaning up my old fonts reminded me of that time, doodling out letters, so I revisited the theme with a new font: Kiwi Soda! I think it turned out well.


I’m particularly pleased with how the numbers turned out, but I’m quite proud of the whole thing. Strangely enough I think the lowercase works for lighthearted hippy stuff, while the all caps could almost pass for sumi-e lettering. One of the working titles was even Fruit Samurai. I hope that someone out there uses this for something cool (and tells me about it)!

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