Enchanted Sword – New font!

It’s summer, days are hot, and I’m still here pushing pixels around! This is a theme I’ve worked with a few tines before, each time tackling a slightly different style of script and different character styles (Alkhemikal – modern interpretation, Owre Kynge – Old English style, Scriptorium – insular script). I’ll also probably revisit the theme again; there are many more styles out there and they’re all interesting to approach in pixelated form.

Enchanted Sword is the smallest (in terms of character size) blackletter design I’ve done yet, and I’m quite pleased with how legible it remains. The uppercase is slim and compact, with very little in terms of ornamentation. Overall this is somewhat of a modern interpretation of various medieval scripts, along the lines of Alkhemikal, but with a different set of internal rules.

Fun fact: About 80% of the way through this design I learned that it’s actually very similar to the font used on the original posters for The Last Unicorn. I did not reference this logo or any other contemporary blackletter-inspired scripts, but somehow still ended up with something along the same lines.

As a final note, Squarewave (the first part of this double release) was originally meant to be released in June, and Enchanted Sword for July. However, I’ve been insanely busy recently (partially because of an upcoming trip in September) and kept having to put off working on fonts. I’ll continue to be busy for the rest of August and will be traveling throughout September, so I likely won’t have time to finalize anything until October.

That being said, if you’re interested in supporting my work & the creation of more pixel fonts licensed under CC, I have set up a Ko-fi page for Font End Dev and appreciate any contributions. 🙂

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