Like many people out there, I’m a fan of horror. Art of the macabre–yes! Monsters both real and fantastic–yes! Ghost stories, psychological thrillers, true crime stories–yes, yes, yes! I may normally draw cutesy illustrations of kids for work, but there are few things I like more than the opportunity to pile on the gore! 

Just one problem: I’m a huge scaredy cat. Seriously, it doesn’t take a whole lot to terrify me. I watched most of The Ring with my eyes covered. I was practically in tears by the end of Poltergeist. I had to force my mom to sit next to me to play the asylum level in Psychonauts. I made it about 3 minutes into Amnesia: The Dark Descent before I quit, exited to desktop, and uninstalled.

Today’s font release is DOUBLE HOMICIDE, celebrating my love (and fear) of horror! I actually wanted to release this in October, but I misplaced my working files until today… oops!

The concept I was exploring was the kind of thing you might see carved into a wall over a murder victim. The letters are primarily composed of straight lines with tapered ends, mimicking the look of cuts created by woodcutting gauges, but with a slightly off-kilter, manic energy to make sure it doesn’t just look like rustic sign lettering.

I think this would be right at home in some sort of retro pixel horror game, and if you include it in one, let me know! (Even though I’m probably too much of a weenie to play any games that would use a font like this.)

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