Bonefish – New font!

Sometimes it feels like the internet is being absolutely flooded with script fonts. I’m talking hand-drawn, loopy brush strokes and swooping, connected letters. While big studios are working on variable-width fonts and sans-serif after sans-serif, small foundries and individuals are pumping out script fonts!

On any given day, you could look at the new releases on dafont and see, like, 90% script fonts. Same goes for graphic design marketplace sites like Creative Market, Mighty Deals, TheHungryJPEG or Envato. It’s kinda nuts sometimes!

I never learned calligraphy and I’m not great with script. Still, I felt like throwing my hat in the ring… pixel-font style. Why not, right?

Rather┬áthan something clean and uniform like a pixel adaptation of D’Nealian cursive (which I think there are a handful of already, anyway), I went all out with some real organic calligraphy.

This is definitely not something you want to use for large blocks of text (unless you want said text to be pretty hard to read), but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

By the way, the name “Bonefish” doesn’t really mean anything. I just happen to like how all of those characters turned out, so I chose a name that included them.

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