Larceny – New font!

Years and years ago (10, to be exact) TIGSource had a “Bootleg Demakes” competition that had some really, truly amazing entries. My personal favorite was Sexy Seaside Beachball, a demake of Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball but honestly, there were a lot of really great games in the top 10.

This competition and it entries were my first exposure to the concept of a demake, which is basically a remake of a modern game for an older platform. The concept has even been used for commercial releases, like the Lucius Demake or The Mummy Demastered (not technically a demake, but close enough).

Today’s font release, Larceny, is also a demake! It’s even a game-related one, at that. I created this based on the font used in Grand Theft Auto: Pricedown by Ray Larabie @ Typodermic Fonts (which is based on a 1960s/1970s font called Pinto Flare, designer unknown).

I actually created this entire font (accents included) in a single day, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to release it. I ended up writing to Ray Larabie and got his OK, so here we are!

Interestingly enough, in the time between me creating this font and putting together everything to release it, someone else created a pixel interpretation of Pricedown, called Pixeldown. Small world, huh? Pixeldown is much, much larger though.

This would be a cool addition to a GTA demake, or maybe just some GTA pixel art. I’m considering drawing something myself.

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