Toshi Omagari on 8×8 fonts

And now for something completely different! About a week ago, one of the design newsletters I read included an article referencing a talk at TypoGraphics June 2018 conference.

A talk presented by type designer Toshi Omigari examining the design of pixel fonts in retro video games, including examples of typefaces from a variety of classic games, focusing on the diversity in typographic design when constrained to an 8×8 grid.

And get this–he did two different talks on the subject! Woah! My first thought (after “Why did no one tell me this was going to happen?!” and “Th-this is my talk! It was for me!”) was “How/where can I see these talks?!”

Today I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the the talks, and they did not disappoint! It’s always so amazing to hear from a kindred spirit, especially after all the research he’s done on the subject.

8 pixels is all you needs

TYPO Berlin | May 17 2018

Limitation is a fantastic ingredient for creativity. In the early days of video games, you did not have a luxury to use retail fonts on screen and developers had to make their own in a pixel grid of multiples of 4, the most common being 8*8 pixels in monospace letter width. While it may sound very restricting for a professional type designer, you will be proven absolutely wrong by the incredible range of creativity in the arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s. This talk is going to be a slideshow of the very best fonts I gathered from more than 8000 arcade games.

Watch online: TYPO Talks

Retro game fonts: the time when every pixel counted

Typographics 2018 | June 15 2018

Pixel typography is a lost art. Today, it lives in the context of modular, experimental type design, or type education. But there was a time when that was the only way, and nobody pushed its limitations harder than video game developers. The most popular format was an 8×8 pixel monospace grid, and while you might think there is not much a type designer can do, you couldn’t be more wrong. In this presentation, Toshi will share a small bit of his collection of pixel typefaces that he gathered from playing over 8000 arcade games.

Watch online: (talk starts at 36:12)

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