COMICORO – New font!

I read a ton of comic books as a kid, and always loved the look of comic book lettering. Nowadays I’m sure they’re all using digital lettering, but true hand lettering is beautiful!

I even still have an Alvin lettering guide I used to use for my comics, back when I still drew things on real paper!


That’s an Alvin lettering guide, by the way… Probably not a lot of people out there who even know how to use these things anymore.

Of course going on and on about true hand-lettering seems a little pointless considering this is the release post for a pixel font, just about the farthest you can get from traditional hand-lettering, but when am I ever going to get another chance to talk about an Alvin lettering guide?

COMICORO’s uppercase is based on the typical lettering you see in comic books (particularly superhero comics), with a slight italic tilt to things.  The lowercase is based on comic lettering as well, when there is mixed-case lettering (usually in thought bubbles & the like).

I think that it works best in all caps (like in most comics) but the mixed-case look also has a lot of personality. Both styles are a lot of fun!


Obviously this would work nicely in a game/interactive media, but I think it would also be cool to see this in some sort of pixel comic strip!

2 thoughts on “COMICORO – New font!”

  1. Hello, I´m an indie game developer, I was looking out for fonts to use on the game that I´m working on and really liked your font Comicoro. Can I use your font on my game obiously giving you the respective credit on the credits or should I have to by you a licence?
    Hope you answer soon and have a nice day.

    • Hi Pablo, all of my fonts are released under the creative commons, which means that you are free to use them (even if it’s a game you’re going to sell commercially!), you just need to include credit. There is no license to buy. Good luck with your game!

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