Alkhemikal – New font!

Medieval calligraphy is so beautiful, dense, and strangely uniform… it’s impressive how disciplined people were about the art of writing before printing was invented.

Alkhemikal is my tribute to handwritten blackletter! Instead of keeping strictly to traditional blackletter style, all characters get a little more room and uppercase letters eschew extra ornamentation to improve legibility.

It is still a fairly decorative font that I don’t think this is well-suited to large blocks of text (unless you’re designing some sort of pixel art illuminated manuscript), but I can see this fitting easily into a game setting, perhaps in the form of scraps of lore or interface/menu text. It’s got a nice medieval feel that would work well in historical/fantasy settings.


This was actually the first new font I created (aka before I finished Kiwi Soda, released a few days ago) but I kept going back in to tweak things here and there so the release date kept being pushed back over and over again.

I’d be really happy to see this in a game someday–I think it would be really suited for it!

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