Getting all set up

Finally getting around to setting up a place to document my typeface design experiments. It’s only been, what, 10 years since I started? Better late than never!

I currently have 3 pixel font updates in progress (one of which may include an additional character style: bold), and have 3 more pixel fonts that are more-or-less finished and just need a little polishing up (one of which includes an additional character style: thin).

(Plus many, many more works-in-progress at various stages of completion.)

Although the only fonts I’ve ever released publicly have all been pixelated bitmap fonts, I have actually created multiple “normal” fonts in the past… but nothing terribly exciting. The limitations of a small canvas are what makes it so fun! I’m just about done wrapping up work on my first update, so that will release soon.

This blog is mostly for myself to document what I’m working on–I hope that future me will actually follow through and not abandon this all too soon.

Final note: I have to say, after working on sites for the past 6 or so years, is pretty obnoxious. Yeesh!

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

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